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The Latest at Acqualia & the Mac App Store

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

We’ve been working really hard on some great updates to our apps.

Picturesque has not seen an update for a while, but we’ve been working hard on a new image engine that should allow us to add some great features we’ve been dreaming about. We intend to release a free update with the new engine, and it should solve some of the issues with some people have had with color profiling & meta-data persistency.

Soulver 2.1 for Mac is ready to go and should be released soon. It’s a great update, with significant improvements to exporting & printing, and smarter answer tokens that point to the correct line, even when the positions of lines are changing. We’ve also added a “Send to Mail” feature that produces beautiful HTML emails that look a bit like Soulver’s interface.

Soulver for iPhone 2.0 is now in beta and will be a free update. We’ve added currency conversions, multiple keyboards you can swipe back and forth between, and lots of other enhancements. We’ll soon be bringing currency conversions to the iPad version of Soulver too.


The Mac App Store

We think the App Store is great, and aim to have all future apps for sale there.

Soulver should be there in the near future with the 2.1 update. Picturesque wont be there until we’ve finished the new engine, so it’s is going to take a bit longer.

We will continue to sell our apps through, so you will be able to download and buy from us or from Apple. If you decide to buy through the App Store, we recommend you try the free shareware versions that we offer first to get a feel for our apps.

For lifetime license holders of Picturesque, we will only be able to offer you free upgrades directly through our website, and Apple currently does not give us a way to migrate existing customers to the App Store.

Other Announcements

Appstorm recently published an interview with us, where we talk about our Acqualia, our products and some of our experience.

We’re going to start using facebook for day-to-day news & announcements. If you “like” the Acqualia page in facebook, you might occasionally see some interesting things in your news feed.