News » Soulver for iPhone 2.2 Released, now with iCloud syncing

Soulver 2.2 for iPhone is now available on the App Store. This update adds iCloud syncing, which is great way to share documents with the Mac (App Store) version of Soulver.

Soulver will continue to support Dropbox syncing (the only way currently to sync with the iPad version of Soulver), however Soulver for iPhone now uses the Dropbox/Apps/Soulver folder in your Dropbox. You can move across files from other locations manually, or let Soulver for iPhone upload the latest versions of the files that it has to this folder.

We've also added some URL schemes for actions like opening Soulver, making new documents with text, or appending text to an existing document. These are handy if you use an app like Launch Center Pro

You can read more about the URL schemes that Soulver supports here.