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Soulver 3 for Mac released

Saturday, June 8th, 2019

After years in development Soulver 3 for Mac is finally here. It's a fantastic update with 50+ new features.

Soulver 3 features a re-designed user interface (with dark mode support), and a new expression analyzer written in Swift. We've added nearly all of your most frequently requested features, with new support for calendar calculations, sub-total lines, cryptocurrencies, multi-word variables, variable auto-completing, number scrubbing and functions for working with proportions.

Soulver 3 now manages your "sheets" for you in a sidebar. You can also make folders to organize your sheets. Drag sheets out into Finder to create a file to share with other Soulver users.

This update deepens our integration with macOS & we've added some new possibilities for automation. There's a new command-line interface, an Automator action, an Alfred workflow, Calculate Anywhere services and URL schemes.

We've also taken this opportunity to simplify Soulver. We've removed some of the less useful features and refined some of the clunkier syntaxes & behaviors. As such, some expressions supported by Soulver 2 are no longer supported by Soulver 3. Check the Soulver 3 documentation for a full list of new features and advice on migrating from Soulver 2.

Soulver 3 is available for download now from and requires macOS 10.14.4 or later. We hope you enjoy the new version.